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Questions on “We wish to inform you…” PT2

When, if ever, might a UN military force be not only deployed politically soundly, but then when the need is […]

Questions on “We wish to inform you…”

How could the 1994 genocide be allowed to happen after all the discord and violence preempting it for about 20 […]

Questions on “Genocide since 1945”

1.What can be done to make the idea of genocide more universally understood and accepted, and therefore less likely to […]

Questions on “‘They can live in the Desert, but nowhere else’ A History of the Armenian Genocide”

Is there any connection between the old millet system of the Ottomans and the caste system of modern India? The […]

Questions on Dunant’s memories of Solferino

How did Dunant obtain so much detailed information about general tactics and strategy of both sides as well as so […]

Questions on chapter 1, Killing Civilians

I turned in the questions I originally made for class, so these will be new. 1.Will humanity ever grow out […]